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Everyday, we are witnessing so much negativity all over social media, dividing us as humans, when in fact this is the time we really need to bond together. I wanted to flip the script some
and start a page that radiates positive thinking. By sharing,
we can change others in search of gratitude by posting your examples of appreciation and lessons learned. Whether it’s images, quotes, thoughts or personal stories of overcoming hardships...
the world needs this now.

@Appreciatewhatremains is designed to share positive posts that can inspire us all to find gratitude and to take inventory as to what we DO have in our lives, to be grateful for.


It started as a lyric in a song to my son #kaden called  #soundsofabrokenheart confessing my love and missing him as he lives in Holland. Appreciate What Remains then became the title of my album. He stars in the video/first single “Great Divide” that debuted on CMT. After the debut, I was overwhelmed and touched with messages from many, separated from their kids and loved ones, from so many walks of life; like parents in the military, mothers and fathers that are separated or travel for work, etc. It dawned on me that I wasn’t alone in my personal struggle to make sense of this all. I was deeply affected and realized I needed to pursue building sites on social media platforms where everyone can find examples of appreciation, positivity that can inspire or comfort others in that lonely place. The songs on the album can fit into this category though I wanted to expand on a bigger mission with the lyric. I welcome everything positive here. If you see a quote in passing that you love, share it! If you have a story of success out of hardship, share it! If you feel a song that helps you get through the day, share it! ALL POSITIVE post shares are welcomed.

We officially launch Tuesday, September 25th with a campaign called “Appreciation Day” as a reminder we ALL have things to be grateful for. My days can be hard and challenging each day my son isn’t next to me, though I am so grateful he is happy, healthy and loves me unconditionally. It take us, as humans to step forward to make this world a better place. This is my step forward towards that.

My story is my album. What is your story?


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