The story behind the song is that my father, Arthur Rizzi, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2006. At the time they said it was inoperable and he had 6 months to a year to live. I asked my dad what his will to live was. He said he wanted to be married to my mom for 50 years. And at that time they were married 44 years. Fast forward: He beat the diagnosis and made it to their 50th wedding anniversary and I thought that my parents, Art and Cathy Rizzi, deserved a special song. Some of these lyrics were words I overheard my Dad saying to my Mom. It was almost as if he was writing this song to her. Sadly, November 29, 2019 my father passed away. Though it leaves a permanent hole in my heart, I’ll always be grateful and appreciative to have had such an amazing Dad.  He put the love of his family first before anything else his entire life. This is the first Father’s Day without him and I wanted to creatively keep my parents love story alive. After 2 long years of collecting, restoring and filming footage, this is the video I promised my parents. To the ones that have lost a parent, I feel your pain. To the ones that are fortunate to have both of them around, I feel your gratitude. I hope you all enjoy it.  - Rizzi

Video Credits:

Mike Rizzi - Director/Producer/Editor

Harold Sellers - Camera/Assistant Editor   

Jolie Loren Rizzi - Camera 

'Appreciate What Remains'   
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