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from the album 'Appreciate What Remains'.

Dedicated to all the families that live with Autism.

 Riff Journal's Top 50 gifted Songwriters

I'm beyond humbled and excited to be included with these amazing artists.

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I felt compelled to create a message of gratitude and hoping you will all share. Specifically to all of the families that deal with the challenges of autism every single day. With Autism, every situation is different. For parents, those challenges come with fear, helplessness, and trying to find a place in the mystery of it all. As parents, we do whatever we can to keep our kids not only safe, but connected to the world we live in. Sometimes "the norm" is to see the world through one pair of glasses, but that is not the case for these kids on the autistic spectrum. I've learned so much from my son in the last 15 years, especially how to see the world differently and it's pure beauty. His perspectives of life have influenced me in so many ways, and do daily. So with the help of Kaden, my good friend Harold Sellers and my beautiful wife Jolie Loren Rizzi we created a video for "Eventually" a track on Appreciate What Remains, co-produced with my brother John Driskell Hopkins. This is a song for the families that feel alone soon after that diagnosis. You are not alone! I know that feeling all too well. Hoping this video gives you all some perspective how others can see the world and fill your hearts with hope. For those who don't know, this song appears on #DollyPartonsHeartstrings on Netflix (in the bar scene) in the episode "Jolene". I truly have to thank Dolly Parton for her endless examples of kindness and awareness she brings everywhere, no matter how busy she is! It was remarkable to be apart of that episode and working with such a kind legend. As always, I thank you all for the well wishes and support you have given myself and my family.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and enjoy Eventually:) #grateful #autism #eventually #songofhope #appreciatewhatremains #rizzimusic #love #dollypartonheartstrings #Happythanksgiving #dollyparton #netflix Rizzi Music Jolie Loren Photography Autism Speaks Generation Rescue Yara Siegelaar

'Appreciate What Remains'   
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A fun duo comprised of Brian Bisky & Mike Rizzi (both members of the John Driskell Hopkins Band, Ed Roland and The Sweet Tea Project, The Barbaric Gentlemen, Peter Searcy). A duo or full band are available for private events, and public bookings.