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Mike Rizzi is an experienced professional touring/session drummer, hailing out of Atlanta, GA. His reputation exceeds him as a go to first-call, singing drummer, sharing stages with a variety of national acts, including different genres spanning over 3 decades. 

As of recently, Rizzi’s projects have included:

ICONS OF CLASSIC ROCK: A 3 + hour show, featuring 7 iconic classic rock singers from SANTANA, THE ROMANTICS, SURVIVOR, BOSTON, FOREIGNER, QUIET RIOT and AC/DC touring parts of South America/Central America to massive audiences.

JOHN DRISKELL HOPKINS (Co-Founder of Zac Brown Band).

Rizzi’s been drumming over 10 years with his close friend “Hop” and his band. Rizzi has recording many sessions over the years and to date at Hop’s state of the art studio, BRIGHTER SHADE STUDIOS. 

Past national tours include: 

TONY LEWIS the voice of 80’S favorites, THE OUTFIELD.

10 + years with Athens, Georgia’s own FIVE EIGHT (featured in their upcoming full length documentary, entitled “Weirdo - The Story Of Five Eight“ to be released in 2024), 


Americana rock/country with 4 part harmonies. 

SONIA LEIGH (Nashville), 

Co-founder the band GHOST HOUNDS (Los Angeles/Pittsburgh) in 2007, just to name a few.

As a songwriter himself, his drumming is considered complimentary to whatever genre he is working with (Live or Studio) Rock, Pop, Country, Americana, Hard Rock, it’s ALWAYS about serving the song at hand. 

Rizzi’s reputation as a first call, go-to drummer has kept him very active.

In 2022 BLACKBERRY SMOKE called Rizzi with a few days notice for a tour run filling in for drummer Brit Turner out with emergency surgery. 

He was also called to drum with one of his faves THE ROMANTICS at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2023.


Featured drumming on the Fox TV series “MONARCH”

A rare opportunity to work with the legendary DOLLY PARTON, drumming in her NETFLIX tv series Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings 2019.

Rizzi contributed writing music/performing in the independent movie release, “ADOLESCENCE“ featuring spinoff band with Hopkins called THE BLOODY WOLVES OF VENICE 

6 featured songs, including the movies main track, “Baby!”. 

Riz smiling park tavern.jpg


A native of a small upstate New York town, Endwell, Rizzi was practically born with drumsticks in his hands. At age 3, he began drum lessons and was reading music before fully knowing the alphabet. During this time, he developed an affinity towards singing and creating songs while drumming, accelerated by his discovery of The Beatles. Embracing Ringo’s approach to drumming, he was drawn to their strong melodic songwriting. By ninth grade, Rizzi began singing lead from behind the drum kit with his band, Uncle Jam. Throughout high school, he was writing and recording albums while selling cassettes out of his locker daily. After experiencing the power of performing original music and seeing the effect it had on others, he was determined to make this his life’s work.

‘Appreciate What Remains, Rizzi’s debut solo album was produced by John Driskell Hopkins (of Zac Brown Band) and is a tribute to his son. The music represents his favorite genres, ranging from Rock to Americana, and Folk to Country while incorporating a diverse range of styles. Timeless bands like U2 and The Beatles find their way into his songs. “My musical influences are broad, but the melodic, story-telling songwriters such as Tom Petty, David Gates (Bread), Ray Davies (The Kinks), Neil Finn (Crowded House), and Pete Townshend (The Who) always inspire and keep me writing.”  

“Sometimes nothing changes except your attitude and the perspective you have on what has happened to you,” singer/songwriter/drummer Mike Rizzi recently said about his forthcoming album, Appreciate What Remains. “These songs were screaming to get out of me — so I felt the need to take them to another level. In the end, I hope the lesson everyone experiences is getting to a place of gratitude.”


“It’s cathartic to revisit my feelings of the past and present — from the darkest struggles to the most euphoric moments; embracing them equally and finding motivation to move forward in a positive direction while honor the experiences,” said Rizzi about his new album. The songs on Appreciate What Remains explore the challenges of remaining grateful and positive while experiencing life’s intense highs and lows. “When writing this record, I never had a conscious idea to make a particular style of song, the emotions and words drove me,” he explained.  “I always wanted the music to compliment the feelings my lyrics were trying to convey — the angst of betrayal, the high of happiness, and sometimes the depth of sadness — while aiming to tame the fear and attempting to live in the middle while riding the wave of the life events we’re dealt with.” 









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